This page is for daily activities or private events that you can schedule yourself: Parks, Courses, Art Galleries, etc.

Regatta River Race – Chik’in Ka’ah 4648, 2251

Looking for a fun adventure while boating? You can come alone or in a group up to 4 to compete. Race the river while completing different tasks along the way. Earn prizes at each stop. The course will need to be set up prior to the start of the race so you will need to make a reservation.

Contact: SueFG
Discord Suefg#6690
Telegram @Suefg

Flight Mission Obstacle Course –  Chik’in Ka’ah 4195, 2358

Come test out your Elytra skills. Flight Mission offers 6 obstacles to fly through while making your way to the next landing pad. The difficulty of the course increases as you progress. It is possible to get through each section on one firework.I highly recommend
bringing a bunch though!

This course is open 24/7,
feel free to come and check it out any time you’d like.

Directions: Take the eastbound rail out of CK Hub to the very end. That will drop you off in Medfield Market. Walk down the street and take the elevator up to get on the She Rail, head south and that will take you right to Woodstack Farms & Fae Vineyard. The Flight course is behind the main house (head east off the train track).

Contact: SueFG
Discord Suefg#6690
Telegram @Suefg


The Bitcoin Labyrinth is located at 3800,5050 Chik’in Ka’ah. Finish it and get your name posted up on the wall and entered to win a raffle next month. All prizes will be awarded on the wax block chain. There are three things you will need to do: 1. Take a screenshot of you at the end of the labyrinth. 2. Email me the screen shot and your wax id 3. Include your in game name in that email. You will be entered for next months raffle and all future raffles.

October’s raffle will either be 1 million upliftium or $100 worth of wax.

1st $50

2nd $30

3rd $20

Information I will need in the email is listed below:

Screenshot = you at the end of the labyrinth (F2 button takes screenshots in Minecraft)

Wax wallet = yourwallet.wam

Minecraft id = your in game name

Email that info to

Anyone with the force is welcome to participate and attempt to solve The Jedi’s Puzzle.
Whatever clues exist to enable anyone to start, are present at the 1000, 700 Genesis plot.

“Easy to solve, this one is not.
Attempt you must though, if eager to win you are.”
The Uplift Jedi

Telegram @cauemotta

Visit The


Londom 2000, 1250

North of Spawn

Owners – studabaker884