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NFT Fun Fair

September 22, 2021

Through my ArtVndngMchn fine art project, I am co-hosting a number of highly interactive events in The Uplift World this week. The Uplift World is basically Minecraft morphed into 3D art galleries of interactive exhibits and adventures with NFT integration built into the environment. We are giving away a number of free NFTs at these Autumn 2021 events: the first event is on September 22nd with 3 NFT projects participating and the second event is September 24th with 4 NFT projects participating. I will be present at both events leading tours of participants on ArtVndngMchn art jumps and roller coaster rides like nothing ever experienced.
To receive NFTs, participants must (a) attend in-game, (b) take 1 screenshot of each session, (c) post screenshot on each host’s Twitter as a retweet to host’s post of that day. and (d) include your WAX wallet in that retweet.

September 22, 2021 – NFT Fun Fair

A day of entertaining quests, art performances, and NFT giveaways in The Uplift World! Those who participate in all parts of this event will receive NFTs from each participating host project. For those who collect them all, these NFTs can then be blended to create an exclusive collaborative NFT.

3pm UTC: ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park

Server/Location: Gratitude 3195 2277
joeychips on Twitter

  • Take part in a thrilling art jump, dropping through multiple artworks as part of an historic art performance.
4pm UTC: The Aztec Hotel by MitzisNiFTis & Sovoccor
Server/Location: Upluft 1000 2000
mitzisNiFTis on Twitter

  • Virtual video game immersion experience
5pm UTC: Rocket Gallery

Server/Location: Genesis 3550 3200
swedish_gold on Twitter

  • Jump in the aquarium and find out which artist is showcased now and the name of the art piece. Take a selfie/screenshot.